Barnes & Noble

Bookseller & Cafe Server

Jobs Description

Sell books to people and help customers find the paperbacks, hardbacks and magazines that they’re looking for.  Process transactions and coordinate book reservations, stock bookshelves and help customers with their consumer needs. 

Areas of Responsibility

  • Greet and establish rapport with customer
  • Recover the selling floor during each shift, including but not necessarily limited to gathering and picking up items, straightening bookcases, maintaining tables in the Cafe, helping to maintain restroom cleanliness, and performing other store housekeeping tasks as required
  • Protect company assets
  • Act with integrity and trust
  • Provide world-class customer service
  • Assist in cafe, receiving and cashwrap

Education / Experience Requirements

  • Relate easily to others
  • Complying with standards, polices and ethics
  • Capable of using a computer and cash register
  • Requires physical activity